Vibration, harmonics, and temperatures cause dimensional changes to lightweight housing materials and threaten the integrity of sealing mechanics. Vanseal solves vibration issues with PTFE /rubber OD seal engineering expertise.

Assembly components featured in lighter-weight designs are affected greatly by temperature. When used in heavy-duty equipment design, components, like seals, are more affected by dynamic conditions.

Regulatory emission standards require the use of weight-reducing materials – bringing unique challenges to OEM suppliers.

Vanseal Solves the Problem of Vibration in Lighter Assembly Systems

Vanseal developed a seal with a special OD (outside diameter) and formed PTFE lip for low-rolling resistance.

  • Comprised of a large O-Ring profile, incorporated into a rubber cover
  • Absorbs engine vibrations, doesn’t “walk out” of bore components made from aluminum or magnesium housing
  • Maintains a constant retention force, holds the seal in place

OD Seal Design Reduces Warranty Issues

Our design accounts for dimensional changes within aluminum, magnesium, and plastic housings – all of which are affected greatly by heat and cold cycles.

Many of our design-innovations were created for specific customer applications. Our engineers are always examining issues that may impact our clients down the line. For example, hydraulic assemblies are seeing greater pressures and hotter running temperatures, and these systems will require stronger, more technologically-advanced seals.

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