Difficult Seal Applications

Is your seal supplier giving you standards or solutions? When you’re faced with a difficult sealing application, show your seal some respect by talking to our experienced Engineers at Vanseal.  Continue reading

Engineer-to-Engineer Expertise

When Ken Lamb, Advanced Engineering Manager for Vanseal, says, “He’s seen it all” – he isn’t exaggerating. Understanding what he’s learned over the years reveals how Vanseal’s engineer-to-engineer approach helps clients solve some pretty tough problems. Continue reading

Prototype Seals Within 2 Weeks

When your project is on a rapid timeline and needs to run smoothly, call on Vanseal for prototypes that are functional and made from the specified production material with accurate and representative tolerances. Continue reading

Bonding: A Critical Aspect of Seal Design

Improvements in high-performance metals and elastomers have benefitted both performance and maintainability of hydro-mechanical systems in commercial aircraft. Learn why specialty seal engineering is required when seals simply can’t fail.  Continue reading

Steering Input Shaft Seals

Hydraulic power steering has been around for decades, and recently, automotive manufacturers have incorporated methods to reduce vehicle weight in system design.  However, the use of electronic steering methods, as a means of improving vehicle gas mileage has created sealing problems.   Continue reading

Vanseal Supports Youth of Fayette County

The YMCA of Fayette County believes that lasting personal and social change comes about when we all work together. All joking aside, Vanseal Corp is proud to sponsor the YMCA providing uniforms and gear to support youth soccer, baseball and basketball.  Give to the YMCA to help keep youth development and healthy living going in Fayette County. Continue reading

Better Operations with Unitized Seal Design

Building reliable rotary shaft equipment begins by regarding the assembly as a sealing system.  The system includes the shaft, seal-bore, sealed media and the seal.  Every element must work in concert with one another for the assembly to successfully function.  If the shaft finish is wrong, or the system vibrates because of misalignment, the seal can’t do its job. Continue reading