Building reliable rotary shaft equipment begins by regarding the assembly as a sealing system.  The system includes the shaft, seal-bore, sealed media and the seal.  Every element must work in concert with one another for the assembly to successfully function.  If the shaft finish is wrong, or the system vibrates because of misalignment, the seal can’t do its job.

Guaranty a More Reliable Rotary Shaft System

Equipment manufacturers and seal engineers need to work in alignment.  Usually, system failures are not the fault of seal design.  If the shaft finish is wrong, or the system vibrates because of misalignment, or the seal runs hot due to lack of proper lubrication – the whole assembly could be placed at risk.  Examining the many factors that can contribute to failure help teams develop a more integrated platform, one that supports optimum performance for all components.

seperate seals cross section unitized seal cross section

Eliminates Surface Grooves and Wear

Many of today’s seals are manufactured using rubber compounds which have surprisingly abrasive qualities. Over time, rubber-lipped seals can wear grooves into the surface of the shaft.   As a result, the shaft must be replaced, ground, or sleeved when doing routine maintenance. Ground or sleeved shaft solutions then may require a new seal of a different size.

Cassette seals are designed to run on their own self-contained counter-face, and not directly on the shaft.  This reduces the need for a harder, highly-polished shaft, also eliminating the possibility of having to replace or rework the shaft surface.  PTFE formed lips may also be used in cassette seals to lower rolling resistance and improve aggressive chemical or fluid compatibility.

Simplifies Assembly

One of the leading benefits of using a unified cassette seal is it simplifies the assembly process.  A unitized design combines several sealing elements into one part, thus eliminating the need to add secondary seals to act as excluders, slingers or shields.

Better Operations through Unitized Design

Unitized cassette seals are ideal for input and output pinions in gear boxes, axle wheel ends, and trunnion seals, or with applications where a unitized primary seal with exclusion capability is desired.

  • Simplifies purchasing (one part vs. several)
  • Simplifies inventory management
  • Reduces manufacturing assembly time
  • Reduces future cost of repairs and service
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