When your project is on a rapid timeline and needs to run smoothly, call on Vanseal for prototypes that are functional and made from the specified production material with accurate and representative tolerances.

Vanseal rapid prototyping can help reduce costs and improve production times for rubber-based seals.  Our prototyping capabilities deliver a combination of speed, accuracy, and support that’s unusual in the industry.

Process and Materials Make the Difference

Other molding houses offer several prototyping methods, with many using 3D printing or water jet cutting. These methods are both used for quick prototyping but fall short when you need accurate engineering feedback to produce a production-ready component.

3D printed prototypes provide a way to review a part’s fit and form, but since the part is not derived from the specified material, it can’t be used to test for performance characteristics.

With water jet cutting, prototypes can be machined from the production material. But since the part is lathed or cut instead of molded, it is not representative of the production component. The part can be used for testing performance characteristics, but it is still not 100 percent representative of how the part will perform in its environment.

Some molders suggest testing parts made from a hybrid prototype method created from a 3D printed mold to generate a molded part from specified production material. In reality, this method adds a layer of time and cost to the overall process, which is why it typically won’t reduce cost or production timing for projects with certain production schedules.

Vanseal Prototype Advantages

Vanseal prototypes are made to the exact specifications needed for production to quickly review fit, form and function. And, since we make parts with the same production compounds, we can test them to accurately measure performance in an assembly environment.

Vanseal provides prototype parts made from actual production materials within two weeks of receiving a PO and CAD drawing. Vanseal prototypes are created from an actual tool and are functional, production-representative to deliver accurate test results.

Vanseal provides functional rubber prototypes within 2 weeks of receiving a PO and CAD drawing.

To ensure fastest delivery, some requirements apply:

  • All features of the part must be machinable by a CNC lathe or mill.
  • Base materials must be readily available. Special materials will extend lead time.
  • Part must be radial. Non-rounds can be done, but will extend lead time.
  • Lead time will start upon receipt of purchase order and complete CAD.
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