Vanseal is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of rubber rotary seals and custom-molded seal components for small engines found in lawn and garden equipment, compressors, pumps, gearboxes, blowers, fans, machine tools, generators and other applications.

We offer high-quality standard seal designs, or we can engineer a custom seal for applications such as crankshaft seals, carburetor primer bulbs or breather tubes. Vanseal rubber rotary seals (double-lip, single-lip, spring-loaded seals) and custom-molded components keep contaminants out, seal in lubricants and fluids, improve engine performance and extend engine life.

Testing capabilities

Vanseal offers a full range of dynamic mechanical testing critical for small engine seals and components, including:

  • Speeds to 6000 rpm
  • Pressures to 430 psi
  • Environmental temperatures from -40 to 400 degrees F
  • Application DRO (digital readout), STB (surface tension balance) and end play can be introduced to the tests.
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