Vanseal produces quality engineered seals for industrial equipment used in chemical processing and transportation, air products, fluid transfer, material handling, and mixing and processing equipment.

Our unitized hydraulic motor seals offer a solution that is ideal for industrial devices that close or seal spaces between stationary and moving components in mechanical equipment to prevent lubricant or liquids from escaping.

Industrial seal applications include:

  • Input shaft seals on water system pumps
  • Input shaft and metering valve seals in fluid transfer and dispensing pumps (such as gas pumps)
  • Container valves and lid seals and gaskets
  • Input and output shafts of gear boxes
  • Rotor shafts for mixers and grinders
  • Actuating rods and cylinders (pneumatic and hydraulic)

Vanseal supplies highly reliable seal solutions for hydraulic motor and pump applications such as:

  • Winches and crane drives
  • Wheel motors for military vehicles
  • Agriculture equipment self-driven cranes, lifts and excavators
  • Conveyor auger and feeder drives
  • Mixer and agitator drives
  • Roll mills
  • Drum drives for digesters, trommels and kilns
  • Shredders for cars, tires, cable and general garbage
  • Drilling rigs
  • Trench cutters
  • High-powered lawn trimmers
  • Plastic injection machines
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