Vanseal is able to solve even the most difficult radial lip seal application projects. We carry patents on several innovative designs for radial lip high fluid temperature seals, high-pressure seals, low-torque and long-life seals – seals that keep contaminants out in harsh environments.


  • Double Lip / Rubber O.D.
  • Double Lip / Metal O.D.
  • Single Lip / Rubber O.D.
  • Single Lip / Metal O.D.
  • Garter spring energized
  • Bore coat can be added for worn housings
  • Choice of elastomer
  • Corrosion resistance available

Performance Capabilities:

  • Temperature: -65ºC to 325ºC / -85ºF to 617ºF (depending on materials used)
  • Pressure: up to 4,500 psi
  • Velocity: up to 3,000 fpm
  • Applications: rotary, reciprocating, static and oscillating

Learn more about what impacts torque-to-rotate in seal design. 

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