Drivetrain low friction seals made from PTFE material compounds are particularly beneficial in automotive design and becoming instrumental in equipment design, as new applications require greater endurance to extremely harsh chemicals, high surface speeds, high temperatures, and dry running conditions. The demand for better fuel mileage requires reduced friction and torque to rotate in all assemblies including seals.  Therefore, seals rely on inert, low-friction materials such as PTFE to increase efficiency.

Contact Vanseal if your project involves any of the following:

  • Previous seal failure
  • Reducing rotational torque
  • Excessive vibration and harmonics
  • Zero external oil leakage
  • Dry running environments
  • High temperatures due to frictional heat transfer to adjacent components
  • 500,000 mile durability
  • High dynamic eccentricities
  • Extreme external contamination environments


  • Central tire inflation
  • Turbocharger or supercharger
  • Off road
  • Semi hub and steer axle seals
  • Fan clutch seal
  • Electric motor
  • Farm and agricultural
  • Power and energy
  • Hydraulic fluid power
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