Military & Aerospace Seals

Vanseal manufactures a variety of seals for many types of applications for the military and aerospace industries. Most common are ball screw seals, and bearing shields used in control surface actuators and various rotary shaft seals for helicopters and other aircraft needs, including low-temperature seals. Vanseal is a registered ITAR Compliant company and is also AS9100D certified. 

Ball Screw Seals

Specialized tooling and molding processes are used in the development of ball screw seals. These unique seals are capable of effectively retaining lubricant, excluding dirt, and scraping ice build-up from worn screws used in ball screw assemblies to actuate flight control surfaces and landing gears. Through our manufacturing and materials expertise, we are able to produce seals that wipe worm screws clean with minimal grease loss at low torque to rotate values. Additionally, we can provide timed thread location, and seals utilizing bonded cages of steel, stainless, phenolic, and Teflon® PTFE to provide strength and rigidity, flexibility, or lightweight as needed. Our catalog of specialty materials allows us to provide seals that have low friction with high wear and abrasion resistance.

Custom Compounds for Extreme Temperatures

Our extensive catalog of materials and process experience allows us to provide bearing shields and rotary shaft seals that function at the temperature extremes needed for aircraft and provide the resistance to harsh deicing fluids, and fuels common in aviation.

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