Bonding Rubber to Metal or Energized Rubber to PTFE Compounds

Get better performance with proven rubber bonded seal designs.  Understanding any bond level is critical for quality seal manufacturing.  Vanseal specializes in identifying the best primer compositions for bonding rubber to metal or using designs with PTFE (sometimes made from Teflon®).

Bonding thermoset rubber to metal or PTFE compounds include materials as:

  • Nitriles
  • FKMs
  • EPDMs
  • Other plastics
  • Brass
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Other metallic castings

Proven performance during high-speed and dry running conditions.  Seal manufacturers using seal designs made solely of rubber materials can’t produce components capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures, and usually these seals fall apart when exposed to a high-friction environment.  Vanseal has developed a proven design that uses PTFE elements built-in to create a more durable assembly.  Our design drives a better seal solution and has tested successfully for central tire inflation.  To learn more about our Rubber-Energized, PTFE seals read our case-study.

Rubber-Energized, PTFE Seal Case Study

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