High-Pressure Seals for Fluid Power

Energy costs are on the rise and the industry is focusing on fluid power as an alternative solution.  Demand for higher torque hydraulic motors require OEMs to source reliably made components.  Manufacturers are looking for components that:

  • Provide efficient and effective fluid retention and control
  • Accommodate shaft deflection and side loads
  • Reduce maintenance and downtime
  • Are resistant to chemical and solvents
  • Retain high levels of elasticity and recovery
  • Resist breakdown after long-term exposure to elevated temperatures
  • Are resistant to swelling and embrittlement


Part design is categorized under one of three segments:

  • Intermediate pressure under 150 psi.
  • High pressure between 200 and 500 psi
  • High pressure / high torque with pressures above 500 psi


  • Hydraulic motors and pumps
  • Rotary compressors
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Rotary joints
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