Vanseal Corporation is a leading manufacturer of seals designed for fluid power hydraulic and pneumatic technologies used in construction, agricultural, lawn and garden, material handling and mining equipment.  Vanseal fluid power products include rotary lip seals, piston and rod seals, wipers, scrapers, static seals used in hydraulic motors and pumps and PTFE air seals for pneumatic systems.

Our integrated seal designs combine rubber primary seals and PFTE (sometimes made with Teflon®) back-up and excluder elements into a single seal package. These high-performing seals are designed to restrict fluids from escaping between chambers during linear and reciprocating dynamic motion of shafts or piston rods pushing fluids through hydraulic cylinders.

Fluid power seals

Fluid power customers worldwide rely on Vanseal products such as:

Rotary lip seals

  • High-pressure rotary seals
  • PTFE rotary seals
  • Integrated multi-component high-pressure seals

Piston and rod seals

  • U-cups
  • V-rings
  • Piston cups
  • Wipers & scrapers
  • Static Seals

Material highlights

High modulus and abrasion-resistant HNBR (hydrogenated acrylonitrile elastomers) and FKM (fluorocarbon elastomers or Viton®) compounds are available.

Testing capabilities

Vanseal offers a full range of testing capabilities, including these for fluid power applications:

  • Testing capabilities to 4000 psi in customer hardware
  • Testing to 430 psi and 6000 rpm on universal rotary seal test stands

Hydraulic motor and pump applications:

  • Winches and crane drives
  • Wheel motors for military vehicles
  • Agriculture equipment self-driven cranes, lifts and excavators
  • Conveyor auger and feeder drives
  • Mixer and agitator drives
  • Roll mills
  • Drum drives for digesters, trommels and kilns
  • Shredders for cars, tires, cable and general garbage
  • Drilling rigs
  • Trench cutters
  • High-powered lawn trimmers
  • Plastic injection machines
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