Vanseal is a trusted IATF 16949 certified manufacturer of drivetrain and cooling system seals for over-the-road trucks, delivery trucks, and buses. Vanseal has consistently supplied reliable seals for major automotive manufacturers in applications including:

  • Differential input and output pinion seals
  • Axle trunnion seals to retain gear and bearing lubricant
  • Wheel end and hub seals to seal air or vacuum for central tire inflation systems or vacuum hub locks
  • Tube-end seals to exclude contaminants
  • Transmission input and output shaft seals
  • Oil seals to protect bearings, help retain lubricants and liquids, provide a barrier to contaminants and separate dissimilar fluids or gases
  • Drivetrain low friction seals made from PTFE compounds

These seals also cover minor imperfections with a molded nitrile surface, provide a secure fit and prevent spinning or walking in cold conditions.

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