Helical grooving incorporated into the surface of seals have a remarkable impact on friction, wear, and heat. 

Patterned Surface Design Drives Success

in Heavy-Duty Assemblies


Hydrodynamic aids in seal lip design

Radial lip seals have become one of the most critical components in today’s modern industrial and commercial equipment. That’s why PTFE and elastomer seal lip design is in the spotlight as a way to increase the life expectancy of heavy duty equipment. However, material composition and complex bonding aren’t enough. The fluid film within a large shaft seal environment can diminish quickly, leaving assemblies susceptible to failure at high rates of speed.

Hydrodynamic patterns

Hydrodynamic design elements assist seals in improving fluid pump rate. Specialized patterns, molded into the surface, improves the boundary layer of lubricant to extend life and reduce leaks. The result – improved surface speed and reduced torque characteristics. Meanwhile, combining the dynamic properties of rubber with the super coefficient of friction found in PTFE further improves surface speed and torque, and maintains a cooler running temperature. The combination of both surface pattern and material composition translates into a longer life for the seal, and therefore equipment assembly.

Testing proved seals with hydrodynamic design aids perform better at higher speeds, have a longer seal life,
overcome normal shaft lead, and have less running and breakaway torque.

Proven design

Vanseal bench tested a variety of hydrodynamic designs. Seals were incorporated into demanding applications and exposed to extreme temperatures and a range of chemical environments. The results were impressive. Vanseal’s hydrodynamic seal designs increased seal life five times over.

Ideal design applications

Use hydrodynamic design in shaft applications that turn in a singular or dual direction, making them ideal for use in heavy duty applications when extended service life and zero tolerance for leakage are necessary. Hydrodynamic aids are beneficial for use in engine crankshaft seals, axle input pinion seals, transfer case input and output seals, and PTO seals.
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