Is your seal supplier giving you standards or solutions? When you’re faced with a difficult sealing application, show your seal some respect by talking to our experienced Engineers at Vanseal. 

Why Standard Off-the-Shelf Seals Don’t Work in Difficult Applications

Sealing systems are tricky. With every change in design, the material used, and new environmental application – seals are impacted. You may be wasting your time and investment in a re-design if your seal supplier only offers a standard, off-the-shelf variety seal for your program. This situation is especially true with demanding sealing applications because standard seals often fail to seal correctly and in some cases may cause irreversible damage.

Value-Added Performance in All Our Seal Designs

Are you getting standards or solutions? It is the standard practice of many seal suppliers to push their standard, stock seals for every project application. The Engineering Team at Vanseal approaches things differently because we know every application is unique. We don’t merely manufacture a seal; we provide a reliable sealing solution.

Vanseal understands seals are sometimes the last components addressed in an application, which is why customers will benefit by partnering with us early in the development process. They get the advantage of working with experienced engineers with an in-depth knowledge-base of sealing challenges.

After gathering application parameters, expected duty-cycle, and desired performance, you will not only get a seal designed for optimum performance but will also receive recommendations for mated-components that can drive even greater seal performance.

Performance improvements include:

  • Higher endurance and less maintenance
  • Longer life and lower warranty costs
  • Easier installation
  • Maximum contaminant protection
  • Superior lubrication retention
  • Reduced friction and less torque

Sealing Solutions that Protect Your Equipment

It’s time to give seals the respect they deserve. Call Vanseal if you find yourself facing any of these challenges, exposure of a seal in an unusually harsh environment; a problematic system application; or sourcing or design challenges. We promise to find the best sealing solution to ensure your success.

Bring your design challenges to us:

  • High pressure
  • High speed
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Maximum exclusion
  • High eccentricities
  • Low or no lubrication
  • High chemical resistance
  • Low torque

From Concept to Design, Prototype to Validation, and Sample Submittal to Production Release – Vanseal is a Trusted, Reliable Manufacturing Partner

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