The installation of a new line of dual-station, compression mold presses at Vanseal Corporation drive greater efficiency and more reliably formed parts.

Compression Presses Maximize Efficiency

Vanseal has begun to add new equipment to the plant, and these engineered improvements are predicted to enhance the efficiency of its molding operation significantly. A few key benefits include the ability to produce a higher volume of components over a shorter period, a reduction in the amount of material used in production, and the machines improved capability to generate a more reliably uniform part.

About the new equipment:

  • Dual-station setup, a single operator control panel runs both presses for maximum efficiency
  • Presses have individual vacuum-pump units and dedicated hydraulic systems that provide strong vacuum capability and steady, consistent clamping pressure across the platens
  • The presses are equipped with a larger diameter RAM which applies a broader pressure to the surface contact area, reducing deflection during the molding process
  • The larger overall dimensions of the mold bed and platens will, in some cases, allow for increased cavitation providing more parts per cycle
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