While the use of hydrodynamic engineering isn’t new to seal design, Vanseal has perfected a bi-directional lip geometry that supports leak-tight sealing in bi-directional rotating shaft assemblies. 

Perfected bi-directional design allows hydrodynamic aides to be used in clockwise and counterclockwise shaft rotation.

Vanseal Designs Offer Significant Benefits

The main operational benefit of a bi-directional seal is its ability to be used as a universal seal for either right-or-left shaft sealing applications.  The lip geometry returns fluid to the sump regardless of shaft rotational direction, both lubricating and sealing the system.

Vanseal perfected the engineering of our design so that our seals also reduce errors in systems experiencing a high-level of misalignment issues.

Vanseal bi-directional seals are an excellent solution for problems resulting from:

  • Lower viscosity fluids
  • Higher shaft speeds
  • Slightly higher presence of lead
  • High-shaft deflection

Vanseal bench tested a variety of hydrodynamic designs. Seals were incorporated into demanding applications and exposed to extreme temperatures and a range of chemical environments. The results were impressive. Vanseal’s hydrodynamic seal designs increased seal life five times over.

Learn more about Hydrodynamic Aides in Seal Design.

Vanseal Offers Engineered Solutions for Many Different Applications

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