Improvements in high-performance metals and elastomers have benefitted both performance and maintainability of hydro-mechanical systems in commercial aircraft. Learn why specialty seal engineering is required when seals simply can’t fail. 

While seal manufacturing has kept up with industry changes, like those designed to actuate flight control surfaces, Vanseal took it a step further by developing a special bonding process for high-performance metals and elastomers used in aeronautics.


Critical Aspects of Design

Seal design for commercial aircraft and military applications is complicated and not every seal manufacturer can execute.

Seals used specifically in ball-screw assemblies must be made from material compounds that resist chemical attack and contamination from substances found in aviation hydraulic fluids, deicers, fuels and other items.

Vanseal expertly identifies the best primer composition to bond high-performance elastomers (fluorosilicone and fluoroelastomer) with specialty materials such as anodized aluminum, aircraft-grade stainless steel and plastics, in an energy-efficient manner.


Designing Seals for Torque Reduction

Aircraft never fly under laboratory conditions. Aircraft altitude and direction are typically controlled using a ball-screw assembly or screw jack actuator – components that are safety-critical in aerospace design.

Ball screw seals not only protect the internal components of the screw jack assembly from exposure to chemicals, ice, and debris, they also help retain lubricant for low friction and long service life.

So, designing seals made from compounds that support reduced torque ratios and energy consumption is critical to prolonging the life of the system.

Work With an Experienced Manufacturer

Vanseal Corporation is a premier designer and manufacturer of radial lip and hydraulic rubber seals and mechanical seal components. Vanseal tested and developed seals solutions for hydro-mechanical components of flight control systems, including:

  • Valve seals for fluid control systems
  • Valve seals for fluid control systems
  • Bearing shields/seals for aircraft
  • Ball screw seals
  • Fluid seals for fuel systems
  • Bearing seals for flight control
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