Better Operations with Unitized Seal Design

Building reliable rotary shaft equipment begins by regarding the assembly as a sealing system.  The system includes the shaft, seal-bore, sealed media and the seal.  Every element must work in concert with one another for the assembly to successfully function.  If the shaft finish is wrong, or the system vibrates because of misalignment, the seal can’t do its job. Continue reading

Hydrodynamic aids for HD assemblies

Radial lip seals have become one of the most critical components in today’s modern industrial and commercial equipment. That’s why PTFE and elastomer seal lip design is in the spotlight as a way to increase the life expectancy of heavy duty equipment.

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Successful Seal Design in Dry Running Conditions

Dry running conditions or high temperatures are not a problem at Vanseal. Seal manufacturers using compounds made solely of rubber material are unable to produce seals that withstand extremely high temperatures and not fall apart when exposed to a high-friction or abrasive environment.   Continue reading

Dynamic Seal Testing

Dynamic seal testing is used to test a seal design under a number of simulated and extreme operating conditions.  Testing determines the component’s operational life expectancy and validates its utility within a system design and intended application.  State-of-the-art test equipment exposes seals to various environmental conditions or contaminates and can simulate actual application conditions such as speed and directional changes.

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